15/10 2017

Reminder about correct
rubbish-sorting procedure

To keep the costs of the association low, which affects the fees paid by the residents, it is important that everyone sorts their rubbish in the correct manner.
Lately, there have been some issues with this. There have been bags of soda/beer cans and glass bottles both outdoors near the containers and inside the waste disposal room. Newspapers and plywood have been deposited among packages. Both cans and glass have been found in the compost.
The routines for sorting rubbish and recyclables are clearly posted on the wall of the waste disposal room, so everyone should be aware of the expectations
Glass, batteries, electrical waste, light bulbs, dangerous waste, and disposal of things such as furniture, bicycles, car batteries, etc. are the responsibility of each individual resident to dispose of at the official recycling center (Återvinningscentralen).
We must all pull our weight and not rely on someone else to take care of our rubbish.
The recycling center (Återvinningscentralen) in Klintehamn is open on Mondays 7-18, Thursdays (v20-37) from 7-18 and Thursdays (v38-19) 7-15, as well as Saturdays 9-15
(as of May 14th, 2017).
Glass and batteries may also be deposited at Konsum.
Please take this opportunity to help the environment and the association! This will also help us keep down our costs for waste removal.

The board of Klintehus number 2